SEO Analysis

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is so important with over 100 million active sites and counting.  It’s very difficult to break into that top 10 group.  But we can help you accomplish this task with different pointers for SEO of your site.

Our SEO analysis tackles keywords defined and frequency of use on a web page.  Keeping the readability at the proper level helps bring people back for more.  Getting around your site easily encourages people to stay and look around.  Visually, you want pleasant, easily read text and graphics… not too busy, boring, or bold.

Keywords get you noticed, but only by a search engine.  What words would you expect to be used by a potential customer to find you?  What words are used most often in your web page?  Are they the same words?  All part of SEO.

Readability, the art of comprehension is important to keep the customer reading more.  Too difficult to read and understand and potential customers are lost.  To  simple, they’re bored.  Either way they will probably leave your site and not come back.

Accessibility to browse your site and find the way Home. Make it easy to navigate your site and find what visitors are looking for.

Visually, the text should be a good size for reading, graphics clear but not too big, and white space to give the reader a visual break.

Tablet & Phone friendly is important in this world. The right design with the ability to adjust to the device size is a must.